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The cornerstone of our business strategy is developing long-term relationships with our clients. We accomplish this by maintaining a focus on providing safe, economical and well-designed engineering solutions that are flexible, reliable and considerate of efficient life cycle operation, and maintenance costs. We aim to provide our clients tailored solutions for their important projects to the level of detail and in format of their choice.

Our commitment to quality and the most reliable solutions for our clients is supported by our continuous investment in the latest software and training for our engineers and technical staff. We believe that facilitating our clients’ success will make us successful and better positioned to support the communities we live, play, and work in.

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News & Events

  • 2016 Power Generation Week Conference

    ASSET will participate in the 2016 Power Generation Week Conference in Orlando, Florida, from December 11-15. This conference is designed to connect key suppliers and service providers with influential decision makers in the domestic and international power sector. For more information about this conference, please visit the 2016 Power-Gen website. To find our booth (#5445), […]

  • “The Macro View of Microgrids: Addressing Complex Trends and Challenges,” by Ron Reed

    Ron Reed, VP of Business Development with ASSET, discusses microgrids in this newly published article from Electric Energy T&D Magazine – “The Macro View of Microgrids: Addressing Complex Trends and Challenges.” “New microgrid installations, along with related growth trends in wind, solar, and energy storage, have been given a great deal of attention recently. The […]

  • “Engineering Ethics,” by Neal Rich

    Neal Rich, ASSET Engineering’s senior engineer and managing partner, gave a presentation on “Engineering Ethics” at the TVPPA 2016 Engineering & Operations Conference (August 10-12) in Chattanooga, TN. His look at ethics covered everything from a general definition to discussing specific types of ethical decisions that engineers face daily in their jobs. The slideshow accompanying […]