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ASSET Engineering is a consulting electrical engineering firm, serving utility, industrial, and contractor clients with specialized design and project management services. Founded as a company in 2000, its leadership and staff bring to your project a vast breadth and depth of power engineering experience and multiple professional licensures. Our staff has a diverse professional background – engineering/construction, manufacturing, heavy industry, utilities, electric cooperatives, and communications. This experience affords ASSET Engineering the ability to provide its unique mix of talent to meet your electrical engineering requirements.

power engineering protection & control design

Protection & Control Design

ASSET Engineering is a specialist in the design of power protection and control systems.


ASSET has experience on multiple projects in meeting utility standards for design and drafting practices. ASSET uses its rigorous attention to detail to develop three line diagrams, AC elementaries, DC control schematics, wiring diagrams, and interconnection diagrams that have the same look, feel, and underlying colors, layers, levels, and blocks as the Utility’s own work.

From Blank Page to Standardized Designs

For clients without design standards and with only a conceptual need for a system expansion, a new substation, or an interest in upgrading antiquated relays, metering, and recorders, ASSET creates preliminary power engineering designs to describe the system that form the basis for further work. The ‘blank page’ starting point is very familiar to the engineers at ASSET, who will custom fit a protection, metering, and control design to your budget or desired level of technical complexity.

power engineering substation & physical design

Substation & Physical Design

ASSET Engineers work not only in the abstract world of schematics, but are well practiced in the physical realm of power substation design.

Straightforward Process

ASSET begins with the general arrangement drawings which depict substation overall size and location on the site, equipment and structure locations within the fence (or GIS within the building). Other drawings or schedules then detail all major equipment, ancillary devices, other components and materials. Grounding designs are a regular part of ASSET’s work, with the use of SES Technologies CDEGS software suite. Control buildings, raceway drawings, fence details, and every other power engineering design necessary for an air or gas insulated substation is in ASSET Engineering’s experience.

Established Partners

ASSET’s civil/structural partners round out the design effort with foundation, structural, steel detailing, and building designs.

power engineering electrical studies

Electrical Studies

ASSET Engineers not only hold numerous licenses that demonstrate expertise in electrical studies, but they also perform studies on a nearly constant basis.

Licensing and Expertise

ASSET Engineers hold licenses for SKM PowerTools; ETAP; CDEGS MALZ, RESAP, and FCDIST; Milsoft Windmil; and Cyme CymCap. Calculations and power engineering studies such as short circuit, load flow, voltage drop, motor starting, harmonics, protective device coordination, reactive capability, and arc flash hazard are studies performed on a near-constant basis by ASSET Engineers.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Project Sizes

Whether you need help with your system model updates, need to grow your model to determine system upgrade needs, need a coordination check and new arc flash labels, or are building a new substation and need comprehensive electrical studies, ASSET Engineering can help.