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Engineering & Design
Forensic Engineering
Electrical Engineering Studies and Analyses
Civil Engineering Studies and Analyses
Conceptual Design and Project Development
Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)
Project Management
Testing, Startup & Commissioning
Condition Assessment
System Impact Service
System / Long Term Planning
NERC Compliance
Owners Engineer
Procurement & Support
Construction & Construction Services
Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC/EPCM)
Transmission Interconnection Studies

Core Competencies
Substation Design
Transmission to 500kV
Distribution Systems, Overhead & Underground
Protection and Controls Design
Grounding System Design & Analysis
SCADA, Communication & Design & Integration
Power Factor Improvement
Control Room Design
Perimeter Shielding and substation security
Substation Including Physical Design
Electrical Engineering Studies and Analyses
Testing, Startup & Commissioning
Foundation Design
Condition Assessment
Utility rate negotiation
Reactive Capability & Compensation
High Voltage Safety Procedure Development
Transmission Interconnection Studies
Steel Substation Structures
Aluminum Substation Structures
Oil Containment Systems
Design of Spill Containment Reservoirs
Earth Retaining Wall Design
Sag & Tension Design of Overhead Conductors
Equipment Enclosures
Electrical Materials and Equipment Design
Physical Yard Layouts Schemes & Design
Mechanical Bus Design
Bus Fault Design
Short Circuit Structural Design
Concrete Structural Design
Community Water Systems
Site Planning and Land Development
Environmental Permit Coordination
Coordination of Envirnmental and GeoTech Testing

Power System Studies & Analyses
Short Circuit
Arc Flash
Relay Coordination
Load Flow
Motor Starting
Transient Voltage
Power Quality
Reactive Capability & Compensation
System Planning
FEED – Front End Engineering & Design
FEL – Front End Loading
NERC Compliance Evaluation and Model Validation
PRC-019, PRC-024, PRC-025, and MOD-026, MOD-027
Transient Stability
Civil and Structural Feasibility Studies
Load Rating of Exhisting Structures
Structural Steel Analysis
Foundation Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
Field Investigation
Timber and Concrete Analysis
Site Prep and Permitting Management

• ASPEN OneLiner
• SKM PowerTools
• EasyPower
• AutoCAD
• Autodesk Raster
• Bentley Microstation
• Primavera
• CYME Cymcap
• Milsoft WindMil
• Milsoft LightTable
Typical Deliverables
Reports with calculations, analysis and recommendations
Equipment Specifications
Single Line Diagrams
Three Line Diagrams
Schematic Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
Physical Equipment Arrangements / Physical Design
Rack and Panel fabrication drawings
Power, Controls, Grounding & Lighting Plans
Cable & Raceway Schedules
Grading Plans

Equipment Specifications

ASSET is adept at selecting and specifying equipment that is the right fit for our clients and their projects. The following is a list of equipment we frequently specify for our utility, industrial and commercial clients:

Generator step-up, 50-400 MVA, 69-345 kV
Power Substation, 5 – 300 MVA, 15 – 345 kV
Unit substation, 500 – 5000 kVA, 5 – 34.5 kV
Grounding: zig-zag, wye-delta

Power Circuit Breakers and Switches: 15 – 500 kV, 1200 Amp – 5000 Amp

Metalclad Switchgear: 5 kV – 38 kV

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas Insulated Bus (GIB) 15 kV – 345 kV

Ancillary Electrical Equipment for 15 kV – 500 kV
Voltage Transformers, wound
Voltage Transformers, capacitor coupled
Current Transformers
Line Traps and Tuners
Surge Arresters, discharge meters and counters
Grounding Reactors and Resistors
Motor Control Centers
480 V Low Voltage
v5 kV – 15 kV Medium Voltage

Power Factor and Voltage Capacitor Banks: 5 kV – 115 kV, 600 kVAR – 120 MVAR

Harmonic Filters: 480 V – 38 kV, for industrial, utility, and renewable generation applications

Dynamic VAR Systems: performance specifications to mitigate voltage transients and dips and to improve power factor

Protective Relays and Protection Topologies
69- 500 kV Transmission Lines, including those requiring System 1 and System 2 protection
Transformer, single level, redundant, or System 1 and 2
Breaker Failure for breakers part of the Critical Infrastructure or considered critical to system operation
Bus differential for EHV and HV substation buses, GIS, and metalclad switchgear