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Engineering & Design
Forensic Engineering
Electrical Engineering Studies and Analyses
Conceptual Design and Project Development
Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)
Project Management
Testing, Startup & Commissioning
Condition Assessment
System Impact Service
System / Long Term Planning
NERC Compliance
Owners Engineer
Procurement & Support
Construction & Construction Services
Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC/EPCM)
Transmission Interconnection Studies

Core Competencies
Substation Design
Transmission to 500kV
Distribution Systems, Overhead & Underground
Protection and Controls Design
Grounding System Design & Analysis
SCADA, Communication & Design & Integration
Power Factor Improvement
Control Room Design
Perimeter Shielding and substation security
Substation Including Physical Design
Electrical Engineering Studies and Analyses
Testing, Startup & Commissioning
Condition Assessment
Utility rate negotiation
Reactive Capability & Compensation
High Voltage Safety Procedure Development
Transmission Interconnection Studies

Electrical Power System Studies & Analyses
Short Circuit
Arc Flash
Relay Coordination
Load Flow
Motor Starting
Transient Voltage
Power Quality
Reactive Capability & Compensation
System Planning
FEED – Front End Engineering & Design
FEL – Front End Loading
NERC Compliance Evaluation and Model Validation
PRC-019, PRC-024, PRC-025, and MOD-026, MOD-027
Transient Stability

• ASPEN OneLiner
• SKM PowerTools
• EasyPower
• AutoCAD
• Autodesk Raster
• Bentley Microstation
• Primavera
• CYME Cymcap
• Milsoft WindMil
• Milsoft LightTable
Typical Deliverables
Reports with calculations, analysis and recommendations
Equipment Specifications
Single Line Diagrams
Three Line Diagrams
Schematic Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams
Physical Equipment Arrangements / Physical Design
Rack and Panel fabrication drawings
Power, Controls, Grounding & Lighting Plans
Cable & Raceway Schedules

Equipment Specifications

ASSET is adept at selecting and specifying equipment that is the right fit for our clients and their projects. The following is a list of equipment we frequently specify for our utility, industrial and commercial clients:

Generator step-up, 50-400 MVA, 69-345 kV
Power Substation, 5 – 300 MVA, 15 – 345 kV
Unit substation, 500 – 5000 kVA, 5 – 34.5 kV
Grounding: zig-zag, wye-delta

Power Circuit Breakers and Switches: 15 – 500 kV, 1200 Amp – 5000 Amp

Metalclad Switchgear: 5 kV – 38 kV

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas Insulated Bus (GIB) 15 kV – 345 kV

Ancillary Electrical Equipment for 15 kV – 500 kV
Voltage Transformers, wound
Voltage Transformers, capacitor coupled
Current Transformers
Line Traps and Tuners
Surge Arresters, discharge meters and counters
Grounding Reactors and Resistors
Motor Control Centers
480 V Low Voltage
v5 kV – 15 kV Medium Voltage

Power Factor and Voltage Capacitor Banks: 5 kV – 115 kV, 600 kVAR – 120 MVAR

Harmonic Filters: 480 V – 38 kV, for industrial, utility, and renewable generation applications

Dynamic VAR Systems: performance specifications to mitigate voltage transients and dips and to improve power factor

Protective Relays and Protection Topologies
69- 500 kV Transmission Lines, including those requiring System 1 and System 2 protection
Transformer, single level, redundant, or System 1 and 2
Breaker Failure for breakers part of the Critical Infrastructure or considered critical to system operation
Bus differential for EHV and HV substation buses, GIS, and metalclad switchgear