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ASSET’s team of engineers are experts and thought leaders in all aspects of power delivery and grid connectivity. Many of our clients have power-critical functionality requiring extreme care and consideration in the design of their power projects. ASSET’s engineers are experienced in developing solutions to meet these requirements, including green field, brown field, upgrades and retrofit projects. Our portfolio includes the successful delivery of hundreds of utility transmission and distribution projects. From High voltage transmission lines to 480V Motor Control Centers, ASSET’s engineers are prepared to fulfill our clients’ power engineering needs.

ASSET also understands the importance of energy conservation, sustainable design, renewable energy sources and achieving a practical balance with realistic applications. Our portfolio of renewable energy projects includes biomass facilities, cogeneration plants, wind and solar farms.

The integration of these technologies ushers in additional challenges and constraints for the industry including a growing need for more reliable electric service (critical infrastructure), higher design thresholds and statutory requirements for protection of critical infrastructure assets (weather hardening, security against terrorist threats) and a need for increased specialized technical and design ability.

  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Mission Critical Facilities

We believe in the inherent power of teamwork to bring people and projects to their greatest potential. This is why we’re proud to serve some of today’s leading academic and health care institutions.

Health and educational institutions carry an immense responsibility to meet the needs of the thousands you serve every single day. ASSET Engineering makes it easy for you to focus on your mission of supporting your communities, instead of worrying about your systems failing.

Military bases are some of the most secure locations in the country. It is essential that you have access to constant, reliable power. We take pride in the power system communications design, build, and deployment we provide to some of the top military facilities in the nation. Whether we’re starting from a blank slate or repairing current systems, ASSET Engineering is one partner that will stop at nothing to deliver exceptional value.

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